How You Can Fire Your Boss And Be Boss Even If You Have No Experience Or Skills

Welcome to Beckley Services.
Here Jerry is about to share with you how he started a business from his home, and how it’s so easy you can do it too.
Will everyone be able to do this? Yes.
If you are willing to follow his simple and easy instructions, you will be in business in as little as a week.
First before we go too far, go here and friend Jerry on Facebook. Send him a short message that says, “I am ready to start my own business”.
If you are serious about starting your own business, Jerry will help you all the way.
With these instructions, Jerry will explain, in detail, how you can start a business and have people working for you.
It’s easy to start your own business, doing what you want.
Jerry has started a dozen businesses or more, in different industries.
If Jerry had to do it all over again, I would start a plumbing business.
Why? Because:
1. There’s no selling involved.
2. The demand for plumbing work is high.
3. It costs nothing to start if you know what you’re doing.
4. You need no skills.
5. You can use Jerry instructions to start any business in any industry.
With little more than a website, Beckley Services, Jerry started a plumbing business.
You are in the right place at the right time because Jerry is going to reveal to you how you can do the same.
Jerry will help you start your own business and help you make money too.

Why Would Jerry Want To Help You?

It’s simple, Jerry can run his businesses and make even more money helping you do the same.
It’s a true win/win situation.
It doesn’t matter if you are broke or not.
It doesn’t matter if you own tools or not.
It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about how to run a business and never been in a leadership position.
All you need is a dream, desire and motivation to follow simple instructions.

How It All Started

About a year ago, Jerry got this great idea to start an online business registry.
You heard of CraigsList, HomeAdvisor, and AngiesList.
Jerry was going to sell advertising space on his website, BeckleyServices.
To entice business owners into buying advertising space, Jerry was going to give them a website.
One of the websites was called Beckley Plumbers.
Plumbing customers started calling Jerry for plumbing services, so Jerry hired some plumbers.
In less than five (5) months, Jerry’s plumbing business grossed $40,000.00 . . .
It wasn’t long until Jerry started another plumbing business, Mountaineer Plumbers.

The Weird Thing Is This

Jerry knew virtually nothing about the plumbing business.
He did help a master plumber for one summer, but that was years ago.
The only thing Jerry had going for himself is his legal and organizational leadership background.
And Jerry specialized in online advertising, marketing, SEO, and PPC (these are the skills all business owners must know these days and what most plumbers have no idea about).
This all came in handy when people started calling Jerry, day and night.
Begging him to help.
These customers were trying to hand Jerry money through the phone, paying up front in many cases.
Plumbing customers are desperate.
These customers will try to get somebody, anybody, to help them.
In the marketing world, we call these customers, “low hanging fruit”.
These customers are the best in customers the world because there’s no selling on your behalf.
You don’t have to sell them a thing, they need plumbing services.
There’s No begging, no pleading, and certainly no negotiating on your behalf.
If anything, they are the ones who will be begging and pleading with you.
Most of the time, they will pay what you tell them to pay – upfront.

Jerry Hired Some Plumbers, And The Rest Was History

Jerry started doing the work himself, but that did not last long because he hired people to do the work for him.
Jerry did not expect the plumbing business to blow up like it did.
In Beckley, WV the population is around 20,000 people and Jerry recorded nineteen (19) phone calls for plumbing service in one day.
If you do the math and at the very least the average profit from a job was $200, nineteen (19) jobs equals out to be $3,800.00.
But that’s nothing, one time Jerry made $3,989.94 off one job after he paid the plumber, materials, and taxes.
During the first three quarters, revenues doubled each quarter.
Since then, Jerry has been thinking about expanding his businesses.
Running the plumbing business is so easy there is room for a lot of growth.
To consider partners, mergers, and acquisitions.
He has big dreams for this plumbing business, maybe even offering an IPO.
In the next five years, you can see this little plumbing business making a million a year, easily.

At The Same Time

The plumbing business isn’t what Jerry wants.
Jerry is a deal maker, an advertiser and marketer.

If He Had It His Way

He would sell the plumbing business and work in the advertising and marketing business full-time.

Hence this webpage, if you are interested in buying a plumbing business, contact Jerry at 304-923-2013.

That’s Not All

The best thing about this plumbing business is it is a work from home business.
That’s right, work from home.
No rent or mortgage to worry about.
Jerry’s considering partners and will even consider selling 100% of this company to the right person(s).
The fact is, if he can make a lot of money in the plumbing business, then anyone can make a lot of money in the plumbing business.
If you know what you’re doing, if you’re a plumber or not, you can start raking in thousands of dollars a week, just like he does.
Every day, every month, people are calling, and he is making the money!
Check out some of the checks.

He excepts cash, checks, and credit cards.
This might be the opportunity of a life-time.
For the right person, so contact Jerry to learn more now.
Don’t talk yourself out of it.
Jerry will be glad to talk to you and let you know everything you need to know to get in on this business opportunity.

Call 304-923-2013

This is a limited and timed offer.
Once Jerry starts helping the person who takes this offer, Jerry’s not going to have time to help more than one (1) or two (2) people with their business.
You might be thinking, you know nothing about running a plumbing business, don’t let this stinking thinking keep you from the life you deserve.
You have nothing to lose.
When you’re old and grey, you’re going to look back at this moment and opportunity and be one (1) of two things: sad you didn’t take it, you settle for what you got, or your going to be super glad because this was the beginning of the great life you chose for yourself.
Jerry’s willing to teach and coach the right person and/or people, so you can make thousands of dollars a day too.
Beware: not everyone will be able to duplicate what Jerry has done here with his plumbing business, but there are many people who will do as good, or much better than what Jerry has done with this plumbing business.

Everything Is Already Set Up.

When you buy this business, you will use your own tools and transportation if you have it, if not Jerry will show you how easy it is to obtain these items without any money coming out of your pocket.
You will get a website and all the organic traffic to this website, or you will get a custom website, made from scratch.
You will get customers from the work Jerry has already done, or he will help you get customers to your new website.
If you want, Jerry will sell the business to you and offer consultancy time each month to answer all your questions.

If You Want To Join Him

You can watch how he runs the business from the sidelines or actively participate with daily affairs.
However you want to join is up to you.
You’ll be glad to you made up your mind to start your own plumbing business.
This is the only way in the world where you decide how much you want to work or how little you want to work.
Join Jerry, his goal is to grow a business and give the people of West Virginia the best plumbing service available.

Contact him today, call now and ask for Jerry, 304-923-2013.